A whole load of bull

A while back I had the idea of making my lovely partner David a wallet. I’d made a couple for myself out of cardstock and clear vinyl but found they only lasted about 6 months or so before falling apart. I wanted something that would last him a bit longer. I needed to get me some leather.

My twin sister and her husband own and run the most amazing fabric store in Frome, Somerset. (I know….please don’t hate me….I am truly blessed!) So, I asked her if she had any spare old scraps of pattern book leather lying around…She came up with this…..

the girl did good!

 Oh My Word!  (I love my sister) I was hoping for a couple of scraps like you see at the front of the pic but “Oh No! I got me a whole cow. if it was any more complete it would have udders!  (the boots are an old beloved pair of mine that I can’t throw out but are beyond help.)

What was I gonna do with all that leather?! …..make my partner a journal of course (He’s a writer who is working on his first novel in his spare time)
It feels and smells great…. Thanks Debs and Stefan. Now David can start frequenting small coffee shops and sit in the corner looking all moody and pensive whilst drinking coffee from those tiny little cups. His poet status is now complete! And best of all, I got to make it on this little lovely….
Isn’t she a beaut?

 A 1907 singer 27. A payday gift from David a few months back. She sews beautifully and it sounds a hundred times better than the electric ones. Beats flowers any day! (yes… there’s heady in the background. this photo taken before He was rehomed.)

(The wallet, as yet, remains unmade.)

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  1. Deborah
    Jan 13, 2010 @ 22:33:23

    Glad you found a use for the leather – lovely notebook 😀 . Btw – that is only 1/3rd of a cow hide – just imagine how big the real life beastie would have been standing in your living room!!!!! Moooooooooooooooo


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