She finally got dressed!

Remember I posted that picture of my mannequin that I was planning to do something with?

Well…I finally got around to dressing her!

I went to Chepstow the other day and managed to bag myself a couple of these….

So…after a very agreeable afternoon of  sack racing in the back garden I finally did this with them…..

Now….Doesn’t she look better….if not a tad warmer!


I’ve created a monster.

Heady likes "National Geographic" magazine and quiet nights in.


 I made this ugly little fella for my twin sisters birthday (we were both officially old yesterday). I made him using the fantastic “stupid sock creatures” book by John Murphy that she bought me for christmas. He was serious fun to make and I get the feeling he won’t be the only one made on this sewing machine. Unfortunately we are snowed in and I couldn’t get to the post office in time to mail him so he is still sat at my sewing machine steadily growing on me.