just testing!…

just testing!



Jar ha ha.

So, I was doing my regular swoop on the local charity shops today and came across these


How great are they?! I love, love, love them!  I have no idea how old they are and the screw tops are really a bit rusty and they actually have glass tops. I’ve never seen that before.

I’m not sure if it would be safe to use them for food, I’m gonna have to do some research…unless you could tell me, but hey…they are still SO cool. How much did these beauties cost, I hear you ask….?

That is a £ sign by the way

One pound each. I call that a bargain.  If push comes to shove I’ll turn them into a light fixture!



Ask and ye shall receive!

Now, you know how I was moaning about how crappy the photos were in my last post, well….look what I got in the post yesterday.

I know! This beats bills any day!

( Crappy photo of my new camera)

From My wonderful, beautiful, thoughtful, all round good egg of a sister. (Please don’t forget that we are twins and therefore  I also have all of these traits.)

She read my blog and realised that she had a spare camera just lying around (as you do!) And posted it to me. You are an absolute star Debs!

So…the moral of this story is “If you don’t ask you don’t get.”

Now, did I also mention that I am in desperate need of an ipad, new sofas and a two-week holiday in Italy? 🙂

a nice box updo!

please excuse the bad photos. it was taken on my old mobile phone. but this is the before…. an awful xmas pressie filled with bath “stuff” (if you know me…you know I don’t do baths) I couldn’t bring myself to throw it away…this baby was begging for something. you could almost hear it apologising for what it was.
anyway…after 2 years, it evolved into this. you can see how it’s done so I will not bore you with a tute! I just wish i could fit more herbs and spices in it. i keep my favourite herbs etc in it but it”s just not big enough. If you know where i can get anothet 4 of these…. let me know, i’ll be interested

A “W.I.P.” photo for an impatient twin!


A “W.I.P.” ( work in progress)

We’re talking about the lady in the foreground…the one at the background is perfect! (I need you all to know that our walls aren’t orange! they are red, it’s been snowing so the light is rubbish OK!) 

Anyway….this little lady will forever now be known as “sweet Gabrielle” (Did you see what I did there?! look closer…)

Do I like her? I’m not sure if I do yet. I just know she needs something…..please tell me what it is! (don’t say braid, Deb) I’m planning to take the used tea bags and the instant coffee to her later.
I’ll be doing “something” to the stand.obviously.

Oh jewelry! That’s what she wants…..I’ll be right back!

And just a post script…If any of us find a woman who has this shape in real life, can you  just spit on her or just instantly dislike her please. thank you! cos that’s just not right.

Naked lady alert!


How lovely is this?! this was created by Cathe Holden and can be seen on her amazing blog  justsomethingimade.blogspot.com  (this woman is so talented!)  

it reminded me that my own dress form is well and truly in need of an update. here she is at present…..   



I bought her from a t-shirt printing shop that was closing down about 15 years ago. I’ve been meaning to do something with her for years. I think I have my next project!  So, today, I stripped her of  her mid 1990’s purple velvet hell. here she is naked…..   

I did warn you there would be nudity

 Now doesn’t she look better already?  the photo makes her look like she’s made of wood but she is in fact polystyrene (gonna have to be careful what glue I use!)   

I bought a few sheet music books from a charity shop in Chepstow yesterday…Perfect!
Then I remembered that I  have a small-scale one of these knocking about in our office (as you do….)

 Maybe I’ll start with the smaller one. (just in case i mess up  come up with a better plan)   

will keep you posted!   

A whole load of bull

A while back I had the idea of making my lovely partner David a wallet. I’d made a couple for myself out of cardstock and clear vinyl but found they only lasted about 6 months or so before falling apart. I wanted something that would last him a bit longer. I needed to get me some leather.

My twin sister and her husband own and run the most amazing fabric store in Frome, Somerset. (I know….please don’t hate me….I am truly blessed!) So, I asked her if she had any spare old scraps of pattern book leather lying around…She came up with this…..

the girl did good!

 Oh My Word!  (I love my sister) I was hoping for a couple of scraps like you see at the front of the pic but “Oh No! I got me a whole cow. if it was any more complete it would have udders!  (the boots are an old beloved pair of mine that I can’t throw out but are beyond help.)

What was I gonna do with all that leather?! …..make my partner a journal of course (He’s a writer who is working on his first novel in his spare time)
It feels and smells great…. Thanks Debs and Stefan. Now David can start frequenting small coffee shops and sit in the corner looking all moody and pensive whilst drinking coffee from those tiny little cups. His poet status is now complete! And best of all, I got to make it on this little lovely….
Isn’t she a beaut?

 A 1907 singer 27. A payday gift from David a few months back. She sews beautifully and it sounds a hundred times better than the electric ones. Beats flowers any day! (yes… there’s heady in the background. this photo taken before He was rehomed.)

(The wallet, as yet, remains unmade.)

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