A handmade book

Please stay with me while I work out this whole blogging/posting pictures thing! I was offered an upgrade of my browser today and I (daftly) said yes……Now I can’t find anything… I’ll get back into  it in a bit I’m sure. Anyway!…………..(also… please don’t hate me because of the pictures, I’m aware that they are awful .I’m just waiting for someone to offer me a very nice and very free camera!)

I made this for someone special….~I hope she likes it…she likes to write.

I haven’t played about with anything inky or gluey for a long time but I really enjoyed making this!

my inspiration came from the most amazing necklace that I bought for this person.

How beautiful is that? I desperately need one of these for myself. It’s from fable and fury. You really need to check out their shop…..(Tom Waits cameo necklace anyone?….Yes please!)
So…I built  her a book…. with a little  secret compartment at the back to hold the pendant.

I built the book by hand using the coptic stitch method. I had no instructions or plans so I was just winging it with regards to lining the compartment (It was a veritable feat of engineering let me tell you!)

(Script paper is from the inside of an All Saints carrier bag)

(Tim Holtz book-plate, pen nib from Hobbycraft and the paper is by Bo Bunny and called Cambridge Blue. looks so much better IRL .)

Leather from Designer remnants. A fantastic shop and blog that happens to be owned by my twin and her husband. (I know…how handy is that?) The chain running down the side is the actual necklace. I’m not sure if you can make it out but there is a faint shadow of a set of wings in the middle of the paper…see them?

Of course, I didn’t even consider taking pictures as I was building it….Duh! so if I ever get around to it, I’ll build another one and post a tute….this was serious fun to make.

I’ve linked this up to Todays Creative Blog. Oh so much pressure for a newbie! have I done that right? Does the link work? I hope so….still learning.